Revolution Shuffle

Just when you think the world doesn't need another zombie apocalypse story, along comes a great one that you'll be glad you read...

Title:  Revolution Shuffle

Author: Minnesota writer Bao Phi.  Phi is perhaps best known for his poetry, and this story--unusually for a zombie apocalypse story--has a lovely poetic quality.

Time to read: about 15 minutes

Found in: Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements.

Storyline: This is a zombie story for the thinking person, and it revolves around topics like terrorism, racial profiling, and discrimination.  You'll be rooting all the way for the main characters, two freedom fighters facing the monumental task of liberating prisoners who are being held as "zombie bait."

Illustrations: The single illustration of a broken chain link sums up the story eloquently.  John Jennings created this image, as well as the cover artwork.

Notes: Zombie stories and eating don't usually together, so I avoided snacking while I read "Revolution Shuffle."  However, the grossness factor for this story is actually very low, so I would have been just fine if I had chosen to snack.  In fact, the main characters reminisce about their favorite foods from before the apocalypse, so, despite what you might expect, this story might actually make you hungry.  :)


  1. Now I know why I missed you at T this Tuesday. It sounds like a great story, because I'm SO opposed to racial profiling and discrimination. Sounds like you enjoyed it, too! I enjoyed the preview.

  2. Hmm. I'm not a big zombie story person- though I have read a few. This one sounds prretty good though. Especially if I can munch while I read. :) Hugs-Erika


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