Batta-batta-batta-batta...Bat GIRL!

Title: "Tail of the Tiger Topaz."  That's no misspelling--"tail" refers to the story's villainess, Catwoman.

Author: Jeff Parker

Genre: superhero comic

Time to read: just 10 minutes!  I enjoyed this story with cold milk and a handful of fresh blackberriesIt was a quick and refreshing summer treat.

Found in: Batman '66, volume 1.  If you are nostalgic about the Adam West era of Batman, in all its "POW" and "BAM" glory, this is the comic book series for you.

Storyline: While Batman and Robin are on a mission in London, Batgirl is keeping Gotham safe from the likes of Catwoman.

Illustrations: art & color by Colleen Coover, lettering by Wes Abbott.

Notes: I enjoyed all nine of the stories in this book, but this one is my favorite, since it features strong female characters"Don't worry, Batman, Batgirl's got this!!"


  1. Oh how fun! I never saw the series, but I caught a few reruns when they did a day long Batman binge last year on a tv series called "Decades." Bam! POP! Yep, I remember they said that, too. A fun read.


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